No eviction of homeless persons from their sleeping places

In times of the reduction of social services and increasing rents, of evictions and construction of social housing that can barely be described as such, there are unfortunately many individuals that find themselves obliged to live on the streets. Against all this, the city and district administrations should work together. The red-red-green senate committed to a coalition agreement. Unfortunately, we see that homeless people in Berlin still live in continuous fear of losing their living and sleeping places, as well as often the majority of their sparse possessions, due to evictions. Low-threshold living and help options for the affected,  as well as alternative living concepts that more or less satisfy their needs, are still missing. A self-determined life is often only possible for them when they make camp in another place and the bitter game starts therefore all over again.

Evictions aggravate the situation of the persons that live on the streets significantly. Especially when they are “disposed” of all their belongings by the Public Order Office. Therefore, we demand that these repressive measures come to an end, the construction of social housing, an immediate stop of all evictions, and the creation of low-threshold help options for homeless people.