Organisation Team

  • Apart from the helping tours that we carry out on a weekly basis, we collect information about emergency shelters, free doctors, soup kitchens, detoxification centres, psychiatric clinics, and other helping institutions. Moreover, we receive many requests every week from people that would like to support us in other ways or that have questions as regards our association.
  • All this has to, of course, be organised. For that, here at the Berliner Homeless Charity, we have different workgroups that are active in the background. Additionally, we hold a plenum every two weeks, at which we discuss all the organisational aspects and make joint decisions.  Should you be interested in such an organisational task, just accompany us to one of our tours and meet us. You will learn more about everything else there.
  • Our tours always take place on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Here you can learn more about the exact tour process.