Who we are

Every year, more people are living on the streets in Berlin. Very rarely is there someone who takes care of them, talks to them or cooks for them. We, the Berliner Obdachlosenhilfe e.V., are a nonprofit organisation that wants to render our services for the sake of social cooperation.

Since 2013, we have been organising several weekly tours, in order to make the lives of the homeless and people in need somewhat easier.

On our tours, we drive to different locations in Berlin and supply people there with warm meals, coffee, tea, fruit, sandwiches, clothing, sleeping bags, and camping mats.

The food is cooked by us out of donated groceries or also cooked by restaurants or hotels for our guests. The clothing, sleeping bags and camping mats come from donations or we purchase them with donated money.

Moreover, we collect information about free doctors, emergency shelters, soup kitchens, detoxification centres, psychiatric clinics, and other helping institutions, so that we can also support in an advisory capacity.

According to our principle “helping is easy”, everybody can support us. With our tours as well as in our team.