Adequate help options

The help programs are completely underfunded: The community social work cannot cover the demand. Dormitories, and the urgently needed women houses, even the spaces for the cold help are by far not enough. Moreover, supporting associations are ignored or they cannot find any properties so that even more housing places get lost.

In order to help homeless people more effectively and protect them from violence, a mindset change has to take place: instead of obligating people to adapt to the civic life plan, these persons have to be able to design their lives themselves – without fear of freezing to death on the streets or being murdered. Homeless people must not be jammed together in a rat-infested shelter. They also have the aspiration to a dignified life in a self-determined living space of their own. The Berlin Housing First Project is a small step in the right direction. We plan to expand the project and make it available for all homeless persons.