Social Counseling

For those affected

Since the beginning of 2021, we have been offering counseling to people at risk of homelessness and homeless people on the topics of social and housing assistance, and help with the mediation of social benefits and the search for a place to live. The focus is on your needs as an affected person.

If you need help or support, feel free to contact us


Stefan Schützler
01590 6162196 (Mon to Fri from 10am to 4pm)

Maya Völkel
030 235 442 76 or 01575 2412694 (Mo to Fr 10am to 4pm, saturdays 2 to 6pm)

Appointements only.


Our social worker, Stefan, has already gained many years of experience in homeless and youth services. Together we would like to give our guests better access to stationary help facilities for homeless people.

Therefore, one of our concerns is improving the network in homeless assistance and collaboration with other organizations. Our aspiration is to offer support to our guests in their current situation and according to their needs.

Stefan Schützler
01590 6162196 (Mo to Fr 10am to 4pm)