Helping tours

Every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday we go out on tour and deliver at different locations warm food and clothes. In order to do so, we meet beforehand at our premises to prepare the tour.

All help is welcome.

Preparation starts at 2pm (on sundays at 3pm) at Lynarstraße 38, Wedding. Preparing the tour means we cook and need help cutting vegetables, making salads, bread, tea and coffee and also for sorting the clothes and hygiene products we want to give out. At the end of this shift we clean the place and pack the car. 

Tour starts at 6pm. We give out food, coffee, tea, clothing, hygine stuff, tents, etc. For the tour you can come at 6pm to Lynarstraße 38, Wedding, or directly to our distributions (6:20pm) (where we are on what day you find below).

Follow-up from around 10:30pm (sunday 9pm) at  Lynarstraße 38, Wedding. The follow-up unpacks the car and takes care of the washing up of the dishes that were used on tour. Often we end up sitting together afterwards talking.

If you want to come, please sign up your name in the shift plan. Before starting you will get a short briefing and there will always be people to answer your questions. Also you can choose how long you want to stay, if you do both tour stations or just one, just drop by and get to know us.

In terms of covid-19, we still wear masks in our premises and on tour and ask you to do the same!

Tour Timetable

Wednesday2pm-6pmPreparationLynarstraße 38, Wedding
6:15pm-7:45pmDistributionLeopoldplatz (Location)
8:15pm-10:00pmDistributionKottbusser Tor (Location)
10:30pm-11:30pmfollow-upLynarstraße 38, Wedding
Saturday2pm-6pmPreparationLynarstraße 38, Wedding
6:30pm-7:45pmDistributionKottbusser Tor (Location)
8:30pm-10:00pmDistributionAlexanderplatz (Location)
10:30pm-11:30pmfollow-upLynarstraße 38, Wedding
Sunday3pm-6pmPreparationLynarstraße 38, Wedding
6:30pm-8:30pmDistributionHansaplatz (Location)
9:00pm-10:00pmfollow-upLynarstraße 38, Wedding

Tour timetable