Basic Principles

In a world in which fear and mistrust take over an always bigger space, we want to create trust. This is shown by our principles:

  • Helping shall be fun. Even though this is an important and serious subject, all helpers should go back home with a good feeling. Everybody does only what they feel like doing. In case that someone realises that they are overwhelmed with something, he/she can speak about it and support will be offered.
  • No one that we encounter shall be forced to anything. If a person wants to be left alone, then we will respect his/her wish.
  • In order for our supporters to trust us, we organise our actions as transparent as possible. Although we make pictures during the tours, we talk to all the people in the pictures, we explain to them the reason behind and ask them if they agree for the pictures to be published. If not, the pictures will be deleted. Everybody can voice their questions and concerns. We will try to answer those as well as possible.